Tucked away in the downtown Loyola University campus, right next door to Bottega Veneta, oddly enough, is the Loyola University Museum of Art. Although the museum’s website describes it as “dedicated to the exploration of the spiritual in art,” its revolving exhibits aren’t necessarily tied to such ethereal topics. When I visited, there was a delightful display exploring the rather morbid illustrations of artist Edward Gorey. Other past exhibits have been similarly unexpected, including photos that kids took illustrating life in a Nairobi slum, along with a number of themes connected to Christianity, Buddhism, and other belief systems. Because of the wide range of topics, what’s showing on your visit could be hit or miss, so I suggest you check the site for upcoming exhibits to see if one piques your interest. The gallery’s third floor houses one of the Midwest’s largest collections of Renaissance, medieval, and baroque art, all of it with religious overtones.