Exploring the Latino-heavy Pilsen neighborhood is a bit like stepping into a different city, where the smell of spicy meats and soft corn tortillas fills the air, emanating from the many tempting taquerias. One of the cultural highlights here is the National Museum of Mexican Art, which, with more than 7,000 items, is one of the largest collections of Hispanic art in the country. With that said, it’s a small, friendly, and easy to navigate museum, and it’s free. What I love about this museum is the wide range of mood of its works, from serious to whimsical to laugh-out-loud funny. I’ve thought back many times to the lawnmower sculpture I once saw there: It was a pimped-out lowrider on hydraulics, with spinners on the tires and a light-up steering wheel. The museum is family-friendly and offers art classes and family-centric tours. Allow 1 hour.