A stroll through this intense museum is akin to peering into a soldier’s soul. Although it’s not exactly comfortable, it opens our eyes to the ways that war can affect soldiers, right down to their synapses. The works here, from sculpture to photography to portraits and more, were all created by veterans, many of whom fought in Vietnam. Located in the second floor of a loft in the Portage Park neighborhood, some of the themes touched on include suicide and alcohol, and renderings of camo gear, bullets, and weapons abound. I can tell you from a recent visit that some of the works are heart-wrenching, while others are downright weird, like a sculptural tribute to Barbie on her 50th birthday, which included a number of Barbie heads in a box along with a museum-grade real shrunken head. The most visceral part of the museum is the text posted by a fair number of the works, describing, in the veteran’s words, the exact memory or moment that inspired the piece. Talk about chills. Allow a half hour.