The two real standout elements here are the pool and the views. For a second when I saw the indoor pool, I felt like I was in Vegas. This was actually the pool into which Macaulay Culkin jumped in Home Alone 2, although in the movie they said it was The Plaza in New York. The area is filled with natural light from a sky-lit dome, and Roman-style columns remind you that you’re not in Kansas anymore. Head up to the rooms, which start on floor 30—a height where many hotels end or never quite reach—and tower up to floor 46, giving you views of the lake and city that rival some of the best vantage points in town. The rooms are spacious and packed with extras (L’Occitane toiletries, for one), but nothing really distinguishes them from others in the brand, aside from the stunning sights outside. Bonus: The hotel connects to the 900 North Michigan Avenue Shops, so on the coldest winter and hottest summer days, you can avoid the elements entirely.