You’ll get great views of downtown and Lake Michigan if you’re on one of the higher floors of this 33-level hotel, but it’s an odd location on the city’s South Side—there’s not much to recommend within walking distance, and the area can get shady at night. The Hyatt Regency is really for convention-goers. It’s connected by a sky bridge to McCormick Place, so the hotel is perennially filled with suits. If you’re in town for meetings and conferences and you stay here, you can literally avoid going outside for most of your journey. But if you’re here to explore the city, resist the deals you’ll see in the convention off-season and book someplace that has a little more soul than the fifth-largest Hyatt in the world. If you do stay here, you’ll find clean rooms that are roomy and light-filled. But get your elbows ready if you plan on leaving the hotel and exploring. Use rideshare or be assertive in your cab hailing, because you’ll have some stiff competition.