Moxy is the bait that the Marriott company has put out to capture millennials, but the formula actually works for people of any age who need a useful, cheerful place to crash without breaking the bank. Don't expect a standard hotel. That's not what Moxy does. It's more along the model of Europe's rising lifestyle budget hotels such as Citizen M or The Hoxton. For example, the person who greets you at the check-in counter may turn around to the connecting high-end cocktail bar to pour you a drink. The loftlike lobby is one big hangout zone, with comfy seating, board games, a 24-hr. taco stand turning out fresh food to guests as they return from the surrounding nightspots of River North. As you can imagine, rooms may not be what you're used to, either. They're hyper-designed, and only big enough for a cushy bed, a high-design sink/counter, a capsule-type shower, a WC, and some yoga exercises (some rooms have two twins, and one category has a queen bed with a twin bed loft above it—ideal for kids). There's no wardrobe or desk; instead, you get pegs, a folding TV tray, and some simple folding stools on the wall. All stylish, always compact, and you never feel deprived unless you get stuck with a courtyard view, but the simplicity is one reason the lobby becomes such a popular chill zone—and a reason business travelers burning Marriott points sometimes wonder what they've gotten themselves into. The fun but severely practical Moxy gives you all you really need with an urban swagger that makes you feel like it's quite enough.