It feels like you’re visiting a sophisticated urban friend’s condo when the doorman welcomes you into the tiny lobby here, which is little more than a reception desk and small seating area. Little touches, like the Swarovski crystal chandelier and museum-grade screens from the Ming Dynasty, are a message of old-money confidence, as if the Whitehall Hotel is saying we don’t have to hit you over the head with opulence to win you over. That sensibility continues in the small aristocratic lounge, lined with mahogany paneling, which is rumored to be the first place to serve a drink after Prohibition. Rooms are colored in earth tones, and even the standard variety is large enough for two beds, a couch, desk, and plenty of space to move around. Suites have the kind of furniture you’d find in a home, like a four-poster bed. Plus, you really can’t beat the price. Two restaurants on site serve Italian and Chinese food.