Talk about an only-in-Chicago experience. Attached to Next restaurant in the West Loop and co-owned by renowned Chicago chef Grant Achatz, Aviary is a libations laboratory that puts a touch of molecular gastronomy into every drink. When you enter, you’ll get a glimpse of the chemists at work, inside what looks like a large, gated-off cage, as the staff pours the time, energy, and thought into each drink that you’d expect in crafting a fine-dining course. One beverage may be served in a scented bag that you have to pop to get inside, while another is in a mini-aquarium-like container, filled with fruits and herbs. My personal favorite, the “In the Rocks,” is an old fashioned that’s served inside of an egg-shaped sphere of ice. You use a tiny sling shot to crack the ice and let the drink spill out. You’ll pay close to $20 for a beverage here, but, if you ask me, it’s worth its weight in stories to take home.