Power lunchers know it’s best to make a reservation, even for lunch, when coming to the Atwood Café. Situated in the small lobby of the historic Hotel Burnham, this is a comfort food favorite, with a gourmet twist: lobster pot pie, duck Reuben salads, and what could be the best veggie burger ever made. Dinner, which used to center around entrees, recently shifted to shared plates, and the pork cheek, lamb bacon, and duck hash are all artfully prepared and presented. At the same time, Executive Chef Derek Simcik manages to not take himself too seriously, and has fun playing with his food (foie gras quiche, anyone?). Sit back in a red velvet chair or on one of the soft blue couches and contemplate the notion that in Chicago, hotel lobby restaurants have become a destination in and of themselves. The restaurant also serves breakfast.