Forty stories above the Chicago Stock Exchange, Everest is an oasis of fine-dining civility, a place where you can taste the creations of one of Chicago's top chefs while enjoying one of the city's top views. The decor looks like a high-end corporate dining room, but the focus here is the view, the food, and the tranquil dining experience. Chef Jean Joho draws inspiration from the earthy cuisine of his native Alsace and mixes what he calls "noble" and "simple" ingredients, such as caviar or foie gras, with potatoes or turnips. While the menu changes frequently, the duck-pheasant-quail terrine and the home-smoked salmon are popular appetizers; signature entrees include baked wild sea bass with double-smoked bacon, and Midwestern veal tenderloin with chanterelles. Befitting a restaurant that's been in business for a few decades, service is smooth and polished.