You don’t have to know anything about the cuisine of Macau to appreciate Fat Rice. The Macanese food at this tiny, exceedingly popular Logan Square restaurant has influences of India, Europe, and Asia, which make it exotic yet still familiar. The dishes here are meant to share, and they’re large enough that if you come solo or with one other person, you won’t be able to sample a lot. I suggest coming with at least two other people (but fewer than six—they restrict party size here), to sample the black-ink-colored squid fried rice (one of my all-time favorite dishes anywhere), the spice-filled vegetable curry, and, if you have at least four people, the namesake Fat Rice, a dish similar to paella and comedic in size, overflowing with rice, sausage, duck, prawns, clams, pickles, and sauces. The Logan Square location guarantees a hipster crowd with piercings and skinny jeans, who clearly have good enough taste to be here.