Popular with its Gold Coast neighbors, Gibsons is the steakhouse you visit when you want to take in a scene. There are sporty cars idling at the valet stand, photos of celebs and near-celebs who've appeared here, and overdressed denizens mingling and noshing in the bar. The dining rooms evoke a more romantic feel, from the sleek Art Deco decor to the bow-tied bartenders. But Gibsons, founded in 1989, isn't coasting on atmosphere alone; the top-notch steaks deserve some credit, too. This isn't the place for a romantic dinner à deux; portions are notoriously enormous, so Gibsons is best for groups who are happy to share dishes. The namesake martinis are served in 10-ounce glasses, and the entrees are outlandishly scaled, from the six-piece shrimp cocktail so huge you swore you downed a dozen, to the turtle pie that comes with a steak knife (and could easily serve eight people).