This Italian seafood restaurant hit the ground running in late 2013, quickly becoming one of the hottest reservations in town. Located in the Thompson Hotel, the hotel staff actually report that dinner has been the most popular room service meal for them, because room service comes from, you guessed it, Nico. If you do get into the restaurant, you’ll notice the array of fresh fish on ice. They’re line caught and flown in from across the world, giving the restaurant a rather unique selection (branzino, turbot, and Dover sole were all on the menu on my visit), which changes seasonally. Also delicious: the house-made pasta and house-made bread, along with the sandwiches served on that bread during lunch, like the artichoke, burrata, and pesto sandwich. Food is prepared in traditional Italian style: fresh and simple, using the best ingredients available. It’s one of my top picks for dining in the Gold Coast.