Considering the sea of business suits that fill the Loop, it’s not easy finding a spot that both caters to kids and tastes good to adults. That explains why South Water Kitchen has such a, shall we say, young clientele. (Considering they’re located adjacent to the Hotel Monaco, it makes sense that they cater to families.) In addition to a seasonally rotating kids’ menu, South Water doles out coloring books and crayons to keep kids happy. That gives parents more time to explore the extensive craft beer list, which was assembled by the restaurant’s own cicerone (that’s basically a sommelier of beer) and the American comfort food menu—deviled eggs, short ribs, rabbit sausage, salmon, flatbread, and some veg options—with an emphasis on Midwestern flavors and products. Childless diners shouldn’t be put off by the inviting attitude the restaurant has towards kids. There’s a large bar area, in case you’re looking for a more adult ambience. It’s also open for breakfast and brunch, but the menu gets more interesting later in the day.