The sign outside says Marshall Field and Company, because this was the former flagship of Field’s, which originated in Chicago, before a buyout that forced a name change in 2006. Aside from being the most ornate and historic department store in Chicago, at Macy’s you’ll find all of the Macy’s staples—fashions for men, women, and children; jewelry, cookware, bedding, gifts, and furniture—along with a wine shop, fur vault, salon, and celebrity-chef-dominated food court.

Throughout the year, Macy’s maintains a long-time Marshall Field’s tradition: lavishly decorating the store windows. In fact, when Marshall Field was ruling the roost here, he was the first person to hire an actual theater designer to create enticing window displays like consumers had never seen. They’re particularly popular during the holidays and for the annual Macy’s flower show every spring (late Mar/early Apr). Another holiday tradition: Visit the Walnut Room, where the floor-to-ceiling tree is a beloved Christmas destination.

There’s another, smaller, Macy’s in Water Tower Place (835 N. Michigan Ave.; tel. 312/335-7700). It’s seven very narrow floors tall, so you just might get dizzy riding the elevator to the top.