One of the dishes most identified with Sichuan cooking (though it may have come from Mongolia) is hot pot or huoguo (fire pot). It is so popular here that a block of Wuyi Lu (just off Minzu Lu) is called Huoguo Jie (Hot Pot Street). Street stalls and small restaurants serving this dish line the street, recognizable by their dining tables, the centers of which have a cooking pot with boiling broth and hot oil. Diners add meat, fish, sprouts, scallions, and any other ingredients they like to the pot. Once the submerged meat or vegetables are cooked, diners pluck pieces out with chopsticks and eat them plain or with a spicy dipping sauce. By tradition in both Sichuan and Inner Mongolia, locals favor organ meats, intestines, brains, and chicken feet for this poor-man's stew, but these days, in restaurants, choices abound. Like the best meals, the best hot pots use ingredients that combine a variety of tastes, textures, shapes, and colors.

Near Liberation Monument is a McDonald's on the corner of Zourong Lu and Wuyi Lu, cater-cornered from Harbour Plaza, and a KFC on Minquan Lu at Jiefang Bei. A Starbucks is at Hongyadong and Jiefang Bei.

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