This collection of red-tiled villas sits right on the unspoiled Arunothai beach, one attached to the other with wooden walkways. Thai exteriors shield interiors in a range of styles: some are blandly contemporary, others are a bit wacky with splotches of primary colors “decoratively” placed on the walls, while still others have a Thai feel with lots of polished dark wood, art on the walls, and handwoven colorful silk pillows and throws. Whatever style you get, know that the beds will be comfortable, the room will get an abundance of natural light, and these beach villas couldn’t get closer to the sea if they tried. Service is excellent and the staff are expert at decoding ferry schedules for onward journeys. A big perk: the elegant onsite restaurant Murraya, serving Thai and international cuisine. The only downside to a stay here: it’s a bit far from the heart of town.