Just outside the picturesque village Lolol, this Disneyland-esque winery is one of the most curious wineries in the world: It's a mock indigenous village, observatory, and museum all wrapped up into one. Launched in 2006 by local entrepreneur and one-man promoter of Santa Cruz, Carlos Cardoen, the Viña Santa Cruz focuses less on wine than most vineyards, to the chagrin of wine enthusiasts but to the relief of young families. The tour begins with a cable car ride -- or as they like to call it, the "time machine" -- that transports visitors to a hilltop to tour representations of the typical houses of the Mapuche, Aymará, and Rapa Nui indigenous groups of Chile. (Do not visit this winery after the Colchagua Museum to avoid artifact overkill.) Later, the guide herds the group through the gift shop, and then for a brief tasting. The winery's small observatory boasts the most powerful telescope in private hands in Chile; and, on Friday and Saturday nights, Viña Santa Cruz offers a highly recommended "tour through the cosmos," which allows visitors to star-gaze through the winery's high-powered telescopes.