Named one of the 10 great zoos in America, Riverbanks Zoo is known for its worldwide conservation work. The zoo is a refuge for many endangered species, including the American bald eagle, and shelters more than 2,000 animals. Animals live in natural habitats, and botanically significant trees and plants are labeled throughout the park. All kinds of domestic animals live at the Farm, including cows, goats, pigs, and chickens. The Aquarium Reptile Complex introduces the aquatic and reptilian creatures of South Carolina. The zoo continues to improve its physical geography and its animals, with the addition of Gorilla Island and the arrival of koalas. A 15-minute 3-D Action Theater is an interactive film experience for kids. Your admission ticket includes entrance to the Botanical Garden, located across the river from the zoo, connected by a bridge that offers a panoramic view of the river. Named by HGTV as one of the "20 Great Botanical Gardens and Arboretums Across America," the Botanical Garden features more than 70 acres of gardens, ruins, scenic views, and natural plants and woodlands. The easiest way to get to the Botanical Garden is to hop aboard one of the free trams. Another one of the zoo's real treats is actually not inside the zoo grounds, but behind it -- a place where you can picnic, swim, and revel in the mild rapids along the Saluda River. Wear your swimming trunks, and look for the rope that swings from a tree out over the river à la Tarzan.