30km (19 miles) N of Suchitoto; 77km (48 miles) N of San Salvador

ConcepciĆ³n de Quezaltepeque, known as the City of Hammocks, is a tiny village tucked into El Salvador's northern central mountains, where generations of artisans have devoted their lives to making midday naps more enjoyable. Nearly the entire town is involved in hammock production and sales. Some locals weave intricate tapestries that hang from the sides of the hammocks on sale here; others twist individual threads into thin ropes that are eventually crafted into colorful hamacas sold in villages around the country.

Quezaltepeque comprises only a few small streets, on which are gathered a group of hammock shops, surrounding a town square, so don't expect to spend more than a couple of hours here. And since you can buy Quezaltepeque-made hammocks around the country, the shopping is not actually the best part of visiting this town. The most enjoyable thing to do here is to chat up a hammock-shop owner and ask to see where and how their hammocks are made. With a little charm and a good grasp of Spanish, you might convince someone to, quite literally, show you the ropes. Most craftsmen display their work on weekends, but the best time to ask owners for a behind-the-scenes peek is Tuesday and Wednesday, when things aren't so busy.