About 30 percent of Copenhagen residents now get to work by bicycle, and the government aims to push that figure to 50 percent within a few years. That makes this family-owned outfit an ideal way to see the city the way the locals do. The top-of-the-line bikes are sturdy, smooth, and easy on the eyes, and you won't be led into a terrifying river of aggressive commuters—you're guided (often by English-speaking owner Christian, who some patrons have joked looks like a husband-material Danish version of Jude Law) through side streets and along bike-only greenway paths through the scenic parts of town, so you needn't be terrified. The most popular tour is the three-hour "Must See," which scoots past the major monuments, but there are three others, including an evening version, and they're all the same duration and price. Take one the first day of your visit, because it's an ideal way to both orient yourself and mitigate the effects of jet lag.