Pretty much everyone who lays eyes on the pretty finger wharf of Nyhavn, lined with masted ships and sidewalk cafés, wants to have a seat and eat there. And pretty much every one of those cafés is a tourist trap. Cap Horn is one of the most recommendable establishments, both for its fare and for its long hours (it keeps serving food far later than most of its competitors). The narrow, dark, and wooden interior is authentically old, but if you can, opt to sit outside for people-watching on the water. The menu runs the gamut from hamburgers (popular, but only served until late afternoon) to pasta to venison—think of an upscale version of a diner menu, but with organic ingredients and perfectly cooked meate.Although nothing qualifies as truly gourmet, everything at this long-running restaurant is reliable. Note that bread and butter is charged per person. It's expensive—like everything else in Copenhagen—but if you want to eat along Nyhavn, this is the place.