The Davidsen family has served smørrebrød (traditional open-faced sandwiches) to the hungry of Copenhagen since 1888, and the cook from the current generation, Ida Davidsen, has cannily found ways to set her smørrebrød palace apart from the others in town. For one, it's more casual than the stuffier specialists elsewhere, adorned with simple black wood chairs and ink cartoons on the walls, rather than white tablecloths and antique paintings. (The prices, alas, are just as high as the other smørrebrød landmarks.) But the real point of difference is the massive lunch-only menu—nearly 180 varieties of sandwich, making it, Davidsen brags, "more than 140 centimeters long" (4 feet 7 inches). Travel Channel star Samantha Brown dined here on camera; and there are so many permutations of ingredients that one challenge during a 2014 episode of CBS's The Amazing Race was simply to come here and memorize four sandwich recipes. It's that extensive, that authentic—and that touristy.