While you're in Copenhagen, you'll be hearing a lot about smørrebrød, the Danish tradition of open-faced sandwiches made with traditional Nordic ingredients such as fish and rye bread. Usually, smørrebrød places lean toward the old-fashioned and conservative, but this one intentionally modernizes the decor (thin hanging lamps, clean framed sketches on whitewashed walls) and the local go-to food into something more gastronomic. Dishes are locally sourced and the ingredient quality is assured. Even the pickled herring and smoked eel are likely to interest those who normally steer away from the stuff—I promise. Booze is also part of the package—Øl & Brød pours some interesting home-made akvavits and will pair most courses with an ideal beer. Øl & Brød is a stylish, not-too-overwhelming place to get a handle on some of the fun things chefs are doing with the old Nordic comfort cuisine. As with all smørrebrød places, reservations are strongly recommended, even for lunch.