Located right on the water, toward the southern end of Bayshore Drive, sometimes referred to as “Gringo Lane,” this small hotel is cozy, very friendly, and beloved by man and well, other critters. The owners have two dogs, and have earned the trust of a coatimundi, who greets guests as enthusiastically as the canines. Rooms aren’t glamorous, but they’re very comfortable rooms with good beds, Mexican-tile floors and high ceilings (all are on the second floor, which might be a difficulty for people with mobility impairments). Half of them come with televisions, and two feature fridges. The Almond Tree’s pool is set amid verdant gardens, with orchids trailing off tree branches. There’s also the semblance of a beach with lounge chairs. It is not within walking distance of downtown, so many guests opt to rent a bike. Bob and Lynn, the owners, are expert at making guests feel like family.