Also known as the National Aquarium of Ireland (the largest in the country), this is a fantastic change of pace for kids who are tired of trudging around historic ruins. One’s imagination is captured right from the first exhibit—a dramatic “splash room,” where a large, 1-tonne (just under a ton) capacity tank goes off every minute or so with a giant splash, designed to imitate the natural movement of waves on the Galway coast. Highlights of the thoughtful exhibits include an enormous two-story ocean tank housing a couple hundred sea creatures (including small sharks); a wreck tank that’s home to dangerous conger eels; and touch pools where kids can handle tame starfish and hermit crabs, under the supervision of the aquarium staff. There’s also the opportunity to tickle some inquisitive rays, but make sure your hands are wet first or your touch can burn their sensitive skin. Free talks accompany daily feeding times at 1, 3, and 4pm daily (hourly 11am–5pm in winter)—the schedule for what gets fed when is displayed at the entrance.