A friendly, family-run place with a good line-up of simple, tasty seafood, this restaurant looks out over Liscannor Bay. Just look at a map and you’ll quickly see why that makes this such a lovely spot in the late evening—the sun sets over the sea on a virtually direct line to the dining room. Barrtra has largely done away with a conventional menu; you decide whether you want fish, meat, vegetarian, or a mixture, specify anything you don’t want (or can’t eat), and the chef prepares a surprise 5-course dinner for your table. You’re likely to encounter crab salad, oysters, smoked salmon, and whatever’s fresh and good from the seafood menu; or perhaps a steak with portobello mushroom and homegrown garden veg from the meat options. This seems like an odd decision, as the results are by nature hit-and-miss. That said, there is a small menu available as an alternative, with three main courses and three appetizers. Call ahead to check opening times outside the summer season.