Another one of Ireland's superb hotel restaurants, the Oak Room is part of Adare Manor ★★. The high stone windows and silver candelabra of the dining room here should leave you in no doubt that this is a place where you’re expected to sit up straight—gentlemen, a tie if you please. The food certainly lives up to the promise of being something special. Herb-and-citron-marinated salmon makes a deliciously piquant starter before a main course of beef filet with cracked pepper jus, or rack of lamb with a wild garlic crust. And if you’re enjoying the place too much to leave at the end of the meal . . . well you probably should anyway, since an overnight stay here could cost about the same as your transatlantic airfare home. Note: At this writing Adare Manor, including the Oak Room, was closed for major renovation and scheduled to reopen in early 2018.