This huge dolmen is said to resemble a giant’s finger when viewed from a distance. That is subjective, to say the least. But fingerlike or not, it’s an impressive sight. A massive 35-ton capstone looks alarmingly precarious, balanced on top of three smaller stones like a crude, misshapen tripod. The top of the capstone is invariably covered with pebbles, thanks to a local legend that says if you can throw a stone and it stays there, your wish will come true. You can reach the dolmen down a paved footpath from the parking lot of the Ballymascanlon House Hotel (; 042/935-8200) near Dundalk. The dolmen is a 5-minute walk away. To find the hotel from Dublin, take exit 18 for Dundalk North off the M1, then take the N52 off the first roundabout, and the road to Ballymascanlon from the second. The hotel is about 3km (1 3/4 miles) down this road.