This popular Irish brand of knitwear and tweed was founded by a nun, Mother Agnes Morragh Bernard, in the late 19th century. Mother Agnes’s idea was to build a new local industry to try to ameliorate the effects of the Great Famine. Ever since then the mill has thrived, producing rugs, clothing, and the like. Not only did her scheme help to stave off poverty for the local workforce, but the brand became hugely successful in Ireland and beyond. You can tour the mills and visit the on-site museum, which tells the story in detail. A guided tour, available April to November, leaves every 20 minutes and takes 45 minutes or so; alternatively you can borrow a self-guided multimedia version that takes around an hour to complete. (Be aware that the mills stop work for the weekend at noon on Friday; although you can still take a tour, the machinery won’t be working.) Also on site are two art galleries, a jewelry workshop, a restaurant, and of course a gift shop, where you can stock up on the stylish products themselves.