This extraordinary, fairy-tale-like castle has entertained plenty of famous guests over the years—Grace Kelly, Ronald Regan, Brad Pitt, Pierce Brosnan, and Tony Blair to name just a few. It also has a list of awards and commendations as long as your arm, including best hotel in Ireland, and third best in Europe overall, from Condé Nast Traveler in 2012. Ashford Castle was built in the 13th century and still looks every inch the palatial abode, thanks to the suits of armor and priceless antiques lining the walls and the huge four-poster beds filling the sumptuous guest rooms. The grounds are stunning—the castle overlooks Lough Corrib, with acres of forest and landscaped gardens. A luxurious range of spa treatments is on hand to soothe and pamper guests. The restaurant is as excellent as you’d expect (don’t even think about dressing down), although a less formal eatery is on the grounds too. Of course, you’ll virtually need a chest full of solid gold treasure to afford a night here—although, if it makes any difference at all, the dinner-bed-and-breakfast packages are pretty good. Check the website for special deals, especially in the off-season.