Clonmel: 174km (108 miles) SW of Dublin, 182km (113 miles) SE of Galway, 79km (49 miles) SE of Limerick, 103km (64 miles) SE of Shannon Airport, 48km (30 miles) NW of Waterford, 145km (90 miles) E of Killarney

“It’s a long way to Tipperary” as the song goes, and it can certainly feel true when you have the map spread out before you, trying to plan your itinerary. Tipperary’s big attractions are few and far enough between that they don’t always work conveniently as day trips. (Though its one truly essential site, the Rock of Cashel, can easily be worked into a road trip on the N8 between Dublin and Cork). The relative quietness of Tipperary, however, is also part of its appeal—far from the tour buses and the bleeping of digital camera shutters, you may just find the welcoming, unspoiled Ireland everyone is looking for.