Over a 20-year career, chef-owner Brock Windsor has cooked at some of Canada’s top restaurants. Now that he’s got his own place, he’s doing things his way. He’s only open 3 nights a week. He only serves a five-course tasting menu. He changes the menu all the time. You get what you get. That’s likely to be something farmed or foraged from nearby forests, fields, or waters. And it’s likely to be something truly delicious, even if you’ve never heard of it before. Idiotfish? Nodding onion? Cauliflower fungus? Just trust him and enjoy a meal that is truly, and uniquely, of this one place. Enjoy, too, the elegant simplicity of this wooden structure surrounded by forest—the exposed beams, the tall stone chimney, the First Nations art on the pale walls, the supremely serene setting.