Truly, some of the best rustic artisan bread you’ll ever try. True Grain mills its own grains, most of them organic heritage varieties like spelt, rye, and Red Fife wheat, and a small selection of wheat grown on Vancouver Island. All these go into their loaves, which are divinely dense and chewy with satisfyingly crisp crusts. There are classic loaves, like the French, ciabatta, sourdough, or German-style rye, and specialty breads, like the blue cheese and pecan baton. And don’t forget the thick, chewy ginger cookies and other sweet treats. Pick up a loaf, then stop next door at Hilary’s Cheese for some local goat or cow’s milk fromage, and you’ve got yourself a perfect little picnic. (Hilary’s also serves wine and a small selection of soups and sandwiches, if you prefer to eat in.) You can find both shops among the quirky little clapboard buildings on the main drag of Cowichan Bay; just look for all the blue bike planters with flowers spilling from their baskets.