This is the island’s oldest community; it existed before the Spaniards arrived in 1518. The town is a traditional agricultural center with a small church facing a central plaza and a few souvenir stands lining the road. Dirt roads lead away from the plaza to small ranches and homes, some used as "country" vacation homes by some of Cozumel’s founding families. The annual Festival de Cedral, held in April, is a fascinating event with religious ceremonies, bullfights, horseraces, concerts, and other activities. The week-long fair culminates with the extraordinary traditional Baile de las Cabezas de Cochino (pig’s head dance), when families wearing elaborate embroidered dresses and crisp guayabera shirts carry elaborately decorated trays with piles of bread or barbecued pigs on their head as sacrificial offerings to God. The parade is solemn at first; then the music gets faster and faster as children and adults twirl about in a frenzy.