Fans have been going the extra distance to reach this simple neighborhood gem for nearly two decades. The seafood comes straight from the pescaderia next door, where fishermen bring their catch each morning and vegetables and fruits are grown in the owner's garden. Everything's cleaned with purified water, and the staff pays meticulous attention to cleanliness. There's nothing fancy about the setting—just plastic tables scattered under ceiling fans in a large open-fronted room—but the cheery waiters make guests feel instantly at home. 

Start your feast with tangy ceviche, then move on to grilled octopus, whole fried fish, shrimp with garlic, or pez león (lionfish), a gorgeous specimen that has become a huge problem for the local reefs, gobbling up all the pretty tropical fish and reproducing like rabbits on steroids. Several restaurants now serve the delicate white fish, and it's developed a local following. Inexpensive breakfasts include eggs scrambled with cheese and chaya, a healthy spinach-like green. Beware the fresh, crispy chips—eat too many and you won't have room for the main event.