At Pancho's Backyard, Marimba musicians play cheerful, melodic background tunes beneath palms and bushy banana plants, and fountains bubble as diners settle into woven leather chairs at tables set with painted Mexican tableware. Pancho and Panchito Morales have designed this lovely restaurant to complement their family's Los Cinco Soles, the waterfront's best folk art store. Both businesses are located in one of Cozumel's first hacienda-style homes, a simple, well-cared for building framing a courtyard. The house's many rooms are now showrooms for pottery, clothing, and jewelry while the courtyard holds the restaurant. Waiters wearing traditional guayaberas serve fajitas and spaghetti for more timid palates, along with seafood with tropical salsa and chicken breast stuffed with spinach, cheese, and almonds in a poblano chile and cilantro sauce. Cameras flash as waiters set fire to the camarones a la naranja flameados al tequila (shrimp flambée with tequila). Cinco Soles now operates a small lunch counter and tequila bar serving a wide range of tequilas, along with tacos and other small meals near Pancho's entrance.