You don’t often encounter waiters who call you "mi amor" (my love) and hug you as you enter and leave, but that's the norm at the Chacón family's neighborhood restaurant. The family's quirky humor comes through in the outrageously bright orange walls and stuffed toy lions, camels, and deer scattered around the room. The decor may be bizarre, but the food makes all oddities seem insignificant. The meal starts with a basket of fresh chips and spicy pico de gallo, followed by crispy garlic bread and bodacious entrees. The papillote shrimp garners raves, but I've developed a fondness for the filete Cubano, a thing, tender beef fillet marinated and smothered in grilled onions, garlic, and cilantro, served with beans and tortillas and made by mom in the open kitchen. Linger long enough and the waiter just might bring a little glass of Xtabentun (a honey-anise liquor). Local specialties, including queso relleno and cochinita pibil , draw crowds on Sundays.