This is Cusco’s other main plaza, but actually, during Inca times, this pleasant, leafy square was merged with the Plaza de Armas, though a row of colonial buildings now divides the two. Today, Plaza Regocijo is full of shops and restaurants, as well as notable historic mansions, but is slightly less feverish than the main square. There is a pair of oft-overlooked museums here, too: the Museo Histórico Regional, a regional history museum with archaeological and colonial artifacts, including furnishings and Escuela Cusqueña art, is housed in the mansion where Garcilaso de la Vega, an important Peruvian writer and chronicler of Inca history and culture, once lived (he was himself a descendant of Incas); and within the Palacio Municipal, the small Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, which features contemporary works of local artists.