Palacio del Inka reopened in 2013 after a multi-year renovation that completely overhauled the accommodations and turned the place into an elite Luxury Collection hotel. One of Cusco's original five stars, it is once again one of the city's best. Built on the foundations of the "Acllahuasi," where the Inca chieftain kept maidens, the colonial-era residence was also home to conquistador Francisco Pizarro. Recent renovations have done a fine job of modernizing the historic structure without losing its essence. Remaining are the stone archways, the magnificent colonial courtyard, coffered wood ceilings, and terra-cotta tiles. Joining them are signature Luxury Collection beds and state-of-the-art technology like LED TVs and docking stations. The space is just a bit swankier than it once was. The handsome Rumi bar and Inti Raymi restaurant occupy the ground floor, and there's a full spa with the same thermal circuit found in Libertador's Paracas and Sacred Valley hotels.