Few thought that Orient Express would ever be able to out-luxe their hotel next door, the Monasterio, long considered one of the continent's top accommodations. They pulled it off, though, with this 55 oxygen-enriched suite stunner. The structure is a 16th-century convent, built over Inca foundations, with an astounding five interior courtyards. That's on top of two chapels, and let's not forget the secret passageways once used by the nuns. Service here is topnotch, with your personal butler making your acquaintance by email even before you arrive, and then coming to your room to shake you a pisco sour from your complimentary bar, or to cut off a brick of herbal soap made onsite. With the many years it took to restore the property, Orient Express made sure to not miss a single detail, from the heated wooden floors, to soaking tubs equipped with bath salts from the mines at Maras, to marble bathrooms with Prija bath products. The resort-like pool and spa has glass floors so you can admire the Inca stonework below. Next to it is the restaurant Senzo, where famed Lima chef Virgilio Martinez was brought in to create elaborate tasting menus from Andean ingredients.  Andean herbs grow in the courtyards for use in the kitchen and spa.