Although not one of the higher mountains on the peninsula, Biseulsan is nonetheless known for its scenic beauty, especially in the spring when the red azaleas are in bloom. Legend has it that 1,000 Buddhist saints have come from the surrounding area, and this is known for being a holy place. Its twin peaks, Johwabong and Gwangibong, attract thousands of climbers annually.

One of the most famous temples at Biseulsan, Yugasa (144 Yang-li, Okpo-myeon, Dalseong-gun; tel. 053/614-5115), is hidden in the valley between the mountain ranges. Founded by the Buddhist teacher Doseonguksa in A.D. 827, this temple is known as a good place for meditation because of its quiet and serenity.

Farther up from the temple are the hermitages Sodu-am and Doseong-am. Behind the Doseong Hermitage is the Dotong Bawi (rock), on which Doseonguksa is said to have achieved nirvana.