With a laid-back atmosphere left over from the days when the only restaurant in town was a kiosk on the beach named the Hard Rock Cafe and the nicest hotel for miles had grass walls, Dahab is still the favorite vacation spot of expats and well-off Egyptians looking for something a little more low key than the sun and party scene in Sharm el Sheikh. Even 10 years ago, life was still a little rough around the edges here -- unsophisticated food and hard beds were the price visitors paid for the spectacular scenery and even more spectacular diving. Nowadays, however, things are a little different. Not only have the attractions branched out into windsurfing and kitesurfing, but years of investment and some of the better urban planning on the Red Sea coast have paid off in making this town, if not elegant, at least pleasant to walk around. You can get some of the best food in the Sinai here, not to mention a very decent hotel at a good price, all with very little sacrifice in atmosphere and charm.