The falls are actually quite impressive, especially after a good rain. You can ride a rattletrap little cable car over them if you're brave or follow a stone path behind the falling water (prepare to get your feet wet). That's a little thrill, of course, but the true Prenn experience is all about staged photos for Vietnamese tourists: couples preening, boys looking macho, and girls looking wan and forlorn. Professional photographers run the show and pose their willing actors on a small wooden bridge, on the back of a costumed horse, with an arm around a guy in a bear suit, on a small inflatable raft in front of the falls, or perched in one of the cool treehouses high above (be careful of the loose rungs when climbing up). Come here to have a laugh and observe until you find out that, as a foreign tourist, it's you that's being observed; in that case, say "Xin chao" (pronounced sin chow) or return a few "hellos" and go from there (you'll be getting your photo snapped, for sure). You might walk away with some new chums, not to mention some souvenirs (plastic samurai sword, anyone?). Other falls in the area include the Gougah Falls, some 40km (25 miles) south of Dalat, as well as Pongour Falls, 55km (34 miles) south.