Dedicated to the arts of Asia, the Crow both dazzles the eye and tickles the brain. The constantly changing exhibits are culled from the 7000-piece collection of real estate moguls Trammel and Margaret Crow, two Texans who became enamored of the Orient midway through their lives and amassed a world–class collection. You might find yourself wandering through row upon row of exquisite Chinese marriage boxes, one carved from black rhino horn, another of the purest ivory—and you'll learn that they once held not only the jewels the young woman would take with her to her new home, but also a live cocoon, an important symbol of fertility for the bride. In another room you'll encounter an arch from Myanmar, once part of a temple. Another section might contain a fiberglass Porsche painted with scenes taken from traditional Chinese scrolls. The collection covers all areas of Asia and the Indian subcontinent, and while you never know just what you'll see, chance are it will be spectacular.

The Crow hosts a number of weekly events, including a free evening yoga class once a week, music concerts, and more, so check the website before heading over. I'd classify it a mid-sized museum, so plan a good 90 minutes to 2 hours both it and the attached sculpture garden.