Revolving restaurants: hokey or magical? Frankly, I fall into the latter camp. I love watching the landscape slowly change as I enjoy a meal. That's especially the case at this swank Wolfgang Puck outpost set at the top of a 50-story tower. You'll get to see both old Dallas (with the famed Grassy Knoll and Texas School Book Depository just below you), the skyscrapers beyond, and the cutting-edge highway bridge that the city has recently built.

If the views were Five Sixty's only lures, I'd place this in the nightlife section as a place to go and have cocktails. But the food is top-notch, too, and that can't be said for all Wolfgang Puck's outposts; a terrific local chef is in charge here. As usual with Puck, the food is fusion with a heavy dollop of Asian influences. Some stars on the menu include the crispy lettuce cups gulf shrimp; chewy rice sticks and a black bean vinaigrette; the addictive, peanut-sauce slathered short ribs; and the lacquered Chinese duckling (akin to Peking duck) with lo mein noodles and plum sauce.

Though there is bar seating at low tables, if you wish to sit at a proper table, you'll need to reserve well in advance as this place is rightly popular.