Rarified: That's the best term to describe dining in this extremely upscale hotel restaurant, widely considered one of the best in Dallas. Guests enter through elaborately carved doors that once hung in an ancient Spanish monastery, and they crane their necks to watch Laura and George W. Bush dine in the library (according to staff, they're here about once a month). The setting is downright opulent with fine art, heavy draperies, and lighting that flatters even the most wizened guests. Those with bottomless pockets can partake of the wine list, which once included 4 bottles of vino smuggled out of Nazi Germany; they sold for $10,000 apiece and all but one have now been consumed.

This is a tasting menu-only affair at dinner, with the least expensive prix fixe coming in at $65 per person. But it's worth it: The food is both exquisite and creative (ideas include fish topped with barbecue granola) utilizing locally sourced produce and meats. If you're in the mood for a celebratory meal, this is a smart place to choose.