If you love Delftware porcelain, you’ll be in heaven at the Royal Delft workshop. A visit to the factory entails a firsthand view of the business of painting porcelain; a visit to the Delft museum, which features antique, multi-spouted tulip vases; and the obligatory showroom where factory seconds can be bought at relative bargain prices. And if you thought that Delftware only came in its trademark blue-and-white color scheme, you’ll be surprised to see exquisite multicolored patterns. The highlights of any visit are the workshops where you can paint your own porcelain, which is fired, glazed, and ready for pickup (or shipping overseas) in 48 hours. The price quoted for the workshops includes materials but not shipping costs; courses must be reserved at least 24 hours in advance. Your purchases and your creations can both be shipped home directly from the factory.