These spacious, well-lit galleries show off treasures from the Delphi temples and shrines. Seeing these magnificent works helps bring the importance of the sanctuary to light; time permitting, walk around the site, then tour the museum, then do another round of the site, using your imagination to put these treasures in place. A bronze statue of a charioteer, one of the great works to come down from ancient Greece, honors a victory during Delphi’s Pythian games. (He is believed to have stood next to the Temple of Apollo.) Some of the most fascinating finds are friezes depicting the feats of the gods, the superheroes of the ancient world. A 4th-century-B.C. marble egg (omphalos), a reproduction of an even older version, honors Delphi’s position as the mythical center of the ancient world. Legend has it that Zeus released two eagles from Mount Olympus to fly around the world in opposite directions; where they met would be the center of the world and that, of course, was Delphi.