The port of Andriake at the mouth of Myra Creek (the Demre River) provided access to friendly merchant ships sailing up the river while the enclosed body of water protected Myra from direct attack by sea. Emperor Trajan chose this harbor as a base for his expeditions to the East; it eventually fell into disuse as it silted up. The terrain can still be swampy in the spring and fall, making the area a bit challenging to explore during this time.

The ancient ruins straddle the river around what is now Çayagzi Beach, a sleepy fishing port and working boatyard. The main historical structure is Hadrian's Granary, built on the orders of the emperor as storage for grain prior to its delivery to Rome. The site includes a Roman bath supplied by a freshwater spring, and the remains of what was probably a basilica. In 2009, archaeologists uncovered a Jewish temple (identifiable by an inscription of a menorah), the first such finding on Lycian soil indicating that Jews were an integral part of Lycian culture. There are a few fish stands and one restaurant from which you can enjoy wonderful sea and river views, or watch the local fishermen repair their boats.